Maybe they're just pieces of me you've never seen.

The truth is usually just an excuse for lack of imagination.

21 January
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I'm a graduate student, getting my Pharm.D. I have an undergrad degree from the University of Michigan in Cell and Molecular Biology and Classical Civilization, quite possibly one of the weirdest double majors ever. But I enjoyed it.

I write, both fanfic and original stuff, and have posted a teensy bit of it here. There's a fairly copious amount of it written (see my first post on the site), but it's not completed, hence my initial hesitancy about posting, particularly when I'm not sure if I'll ever actually fill in all the blanks (i.e., I have a beginning, an end, and some of the in-between, but I despair of ever finishing it all, particularly if I get diverted.) I get very sad if I get too tired to write, or if health issues get in the way, which happens quite a lot.

I love my library. If you want to get a better sense of what I read, I have all my books catalogued on Librarything: http://www.librarything.com/catalog/julieryc

There's a lot of history there; I particularly love the grand sweep of Roman history from Marius and Sulla through Augustus, Tudor England, and the period with Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II. I'm also more interested in private life: i.e. what daily life at Pompeii might have been like, or Austen's world in Regency England.

If you happen to stumble upon the page here and start reading, please leave comments. At the moment, this is just a solitary little piece of the Internet, and it would be neat to know if someone's been here.

The title and subtitle are the two things I'm thinking about calling the lj. "The truth is usually just an excuse for lack of imagination," is a quote from Elim Garak, my favorite Star Trek character, while "Maybe they're just pieces of me you've never seen" is a Tori Amos lyric. (Tori Amos is my favorite musical artist.)

If you visit, please leave me a comment or send me a message. I'd really appreciate it. For some reason, receiving comments makes me inordinately happy. :-)